How To Become An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a path that many people decide to go down, but only a select few actually excel at. What is an Entrepreneur? How do you start that journey? What does it take to be successful with it? Here is a step-by-step on how to become one.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Step 1; Brainstorm

First and foremost you need an idea. Brainstorm… What are some problems? How are these problems affecting people? Can you propose any suggestions to solve them? Be passionate and intentional about finding these answers. Get out into the world and talk to people. Go to different settings and have conversations that will help stimulate your mind until you find a WHY?

Step 2; Plan

Try to plan and make a business model. Can you fill out the business model canvas successfully? Can you formulate a proposition? How will you satisfy your future customers? What about key partners: will you go at it alone or will you need a team, suppliers, maybe even a third party to help get the business going. From listening to podcasts and reading articles, I think that depending on the demand of the business will determine the partnerships for a start-up. Starting a business, in general, is just a challenge because the first few years will be tough regardless of the circumstances since it's new and will have its ups and downs.

There are several more components that need to be figured out. What will the cost be for starting this business and how will you try to maximize profits. What are some key resources, channels, or revenue streams? Is the target market based upon height, region, race? How will you create meaningful relationships?

There are so many questions! Entrepreneurship has a lot that goes into it. Therefore, Step 3 would be, be patient.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin didn’t create Apple Microsoft, or Google overnight. It was a process and there were undoubtedly some setbacks. With setbacks come lessons and growth that will only help the business and you.

Step 4; Feedback

Share your product/ idea with your family or friends. Get their opinion. Utilize social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (and several other apps) — — all of these very useful platforms! Take it upon yourself to put your name out there and see what happens. Social media is at an Entrepreneurs' disposal and is probably the best engine to gain the popularity a businessmen needs.

How will you leave your footprint? The beauty of entrepreneurship is if you succeed, people will remember you and your work or business, forever, even after you’re long gone. All it starts with is an idea! Go Execute!